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LTD Co Yilmaz Makina

Yilmaz Makina is a Turkish company dealing with production of different kinds of packaging solutions and cube sugar facilities.
For 30 years we are successfully operating in food machinery and packaging industry. We produce 68 type of machines
Cube Sugar Production & Packaging Facilities
Stick Packaging Machines
Double Cube Sugar Wrapping Machines
Vertical Packaging Machines
Cup Filling Machines
Blister Packaging Machines
Paper Bag Filling Machines
Thermoforming Machines
Metal & Plastic Tube Filling & Sealing Machines
Cartridge Filling Machines
Shrink Packaging Machine
Sachet Packaging Machines
Thermoforming, Filling & Closing Machines

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Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Address: 34555, Turgut Ozal str, 11, Turkey, Stambul
Phone: + 90 2127712500
Fax: + 90 2127713435
URL address: http://www.yilmaz.com.tr
Contact person: Talaibek Musabaev
Position: Sales and Marketing Specialist

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